Lime Soothing Microwave Body Wrap

Hot or cold pain relief? I’ve often wondered what works best. Cold relief has often felt like a temporary fix, in times when swelling needs to be reduced or to numb a burning sensation. Heat feels like it goes deeper to the muscles and is better when used for joint pain etc. In short we use heat for muscle pain and stiffness and cold for inflammation and swelling. What we know scientifically is that cold slows blood flow and heat increases blood flow but both seem to ease pain. It depends on the kind of pain and at what temperature your body finds relief for that pain.

Aroma Home’s body wraps can be applied to the body hot or cold. I find this useful especially in the case of a headache, where I would find better relief with a cold compress for a migraine or vascular headache. However with a tension headache I would want heat on my tight neck or jaw muscles to relax them and ease the tension.


A neck warmer or body warmer is good heat relief for sore muscles and tension headaches as well as for general shoulder/neck relief but they don’t have the advantage of both cold and hot relief like the body wrap. Our microwave warmers will always be just at the right temperature, although you might feel you want it to be hotter at times these products work best at warm temperatures. They are not designed to burn you!

At the end of the day it seems like it comes down to personal preference! Which is just as well we have the option for both in one handy product! Body wraps are one of the best medicine free pain reliefs around! If your using the wrap warm then we recommend using it for a longer period of time to feel the benefits. Cold relief however is applied for a much shorter amount of time. We would recommend applying for about 15 minutes but there’s no harm in leaving it on for longer.

Written by Aroma Home