Medium Candles

Medium Candles are back and smelling as good as ever! Our mid-size 16-ounce jar candle is the perfect accent piece for smaller rooms. These jars allow for a powerful fragrance punch with every burn. If you are the type of candle lover who enjoys changing fragrances out more frequently, our medium jar collection is perfect for you. With an average burn time of 70-90 hours, these jars will scent your favourite area for the perfect length of time. Our larger 24oz Jar Candles burn for an amazing 120-150 hours.

We take great pride in standing behind the quality of our products. Each candle is made with the highest quality fragrance oils, cotton-only wicks and premium grade wax. No two medium jar candles will look the same, as their uniqueness truly shines through with this mottling. As always, fragrance is key! Just like with our famous large jar candles, our scents are always our primary focus.  This product contains the same powerful fragrance load to easily fill the room. Don’t let the smaller size fool you, these candles will allow you to enjoy the intense fragrance experience you have come to expect from a Goose Creek product.Summer Medium Candles

No matter the occasion, our medium candles are a great choice. Whether you are looking for a gourmet/gourmand fragrance for the kitchen or something bright and fresh for the restroom, this collection has you covered. Decorating with fragrance is a “thing” and the fragrance you choose is sure to set the mood of the occasion. Many times, choosing a citrus fragrance for the kitchen gives an essence of cleanliness.  The same concept can apply to restrooms. Fresh linens, citruses, and watery type fragrances work wonderfully for these areas. As for living areas, something warmer works well. Sandalwoods, Ambers, Patchoulis and Vanillas are perfect.

Below we have provided fragrance ideas for the common rooms of the home.

Macintosh Apple Medium Candle

Kitchens & Dining Areas
Choose something bright, fresh and clean. We would recommend Macintosh Apple, Old Time Lemonade, Exhilarating Pineapple, and Georgia Peach. Gourmet and Gourmand fragrances, “foodies”, are also great options. Blueberry Cheesecake, Apple Spice, Peanut Butter Sugar and Carrot Cake are great options to help satisfy your sweet tooth.

Cabin in the Woods Candle
Living Areas
The living room is where we often spend the majority of our time. This area is just great for relaxing or entertaining friends and family. There are many different approaches for scenting these areas. Gourmet/Gourmand fragrances are often times the most popular due to their warming and delicious qualities…it just feels like home. If you aren’t a sweet scent lover, we would recommend going with the warm/woody fragrance family. These are great options as they are able to provide a warm and relaxing ambiance. We would recommend Cozy Home, Burlwood & Oak and Cabin in the Woods.

Soft Linen Breeze Medium Candle

Restrooms and Laundry Areas
Much like the kitchen, we oftentimes gravitate towards fresh and clean aromas for these areas. The best place to start is a linen type fragrance. Linen fragrances are the pinnacle of fresh and clean. We would highly recommend our Soft Linen Breeze candles. It’s a no-brainer…so fresh! You may also want to give Cucumber Rain a try. The watery type fragrances are a wonderful choice for these areas as well.

Peanut Butter Sugar Candle

Bedrooms, perhaps our favourite areas to relax, typically call for a softer scent. Peanut Butter Sugar is a wonderful bedroom fragrance. There is just something relaxing about it’s fluffy vanilla marshmallow quality. Lavender, in many cases, is a great way to set a restful atmosphere. Lavender de France is a great choice for the bedroom as well as other living areas that may be “rest-spot” favourites.

Finding the perfect fragrance can be tricky. Besides, how do you choose just one? Let’s face it, preference will be the ultimate defining factor.  Choose what YOU like, mix it up and have some fun. You never know when you will find a new “comfort” fragrance for your home.