So, Domini has been telling me that I need to ‘get blogging’, I’m not entirely sure I know what she means, but she assures me that it’s just an electronic form of chatting (which apparently I do a lot of) so here goes.

We have been extremely busy as usual (just in case my husband is reading this), several new deliveries have arrived recently, including the ever popular East of India ceramic hearts, beautiful spring scarves, Bomb Cosmetics (gorgeous candles and bath products in case you were wondering) and of course our absolute favourite, RocksX clothing.

2013-04-17 11.41.45

Rocky with her new concession in Salamandar, Fleet

The new range of tops are floaty, flattering, stylish … and nearly all gone as pretty much all of us who work at Salamandar have had at least 2 tops each so far (and I have my eye on a few more). Rocky is restocking fast with new and wonderful clothes and we have been ‘creating’ a changing area in Yateley. For those of you who have visited our Yateley branch you will be aware that this is no easy task as we are usually full to the rafters with stock, but we have managed it, so if you need to try before you buy then we have curtains, mirrors the lot. Our Fleet branch used to be an underwear shop before we took over so thankfully we were good to go over there already.

And what do you need to go with a fabulous new top, why a fabulous new bag too, so we have bought in lots of those too – well, it would be rude not too.

‘chat’ again soon, Karen